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Baybrook Remodelers sure has a lot of positive reviews. Maybe I’m the only unhappy customer there is–a malcontent, a troublemaker, and irrational, bitter woman who can’t be pleased. I believe in introspection and honest self-reflection. I believe in presenting both sides of the story.

Let’s take a look at Baybrook Remodelers’ positive reviews. Give special attention to the dates.

12:15:10 Kudzu12:15-1 12:15-2 12:15-3


12:16:10-1 12:16:10-2 12:16:10-3 12:16:10-4


12:16:10 kudzu


12:17:10 Kudzu
It’s a little strange, right? The dates? All of these were posted on December 15, 16 and 17, 2010. It seems strange that a week before Christmas, 2010, a bunch of Baybrook customers independently decided that they couldn’t contain their enthusiasm any longer and just had to take to the Internet to sing Baybrook’s praises.

But maybe that’s just what happened. It’s possible, right?

Sometimes lightning strikes twice. That’s a fact. And something odd happened again with Baybrook’s reviews, just a couple of weeks later. Look at the dates.

Jan 2011 pos1:3:11-1 1:3:11-2 1:3:11-3 1:3:11-4 1:3:11-5 1:4:11-1 1:4:11-2 1:4:11-3 1:4:11-4 1:4:11-5 1:5:11-1 1:8:11-1 1:12 1:16:11
10 positive reviews on January 3 and 4, 2011 alone. A smattering of other positive reviews in the next week or two after that. That is darn strange, I think.

Do you know what else is weird? This:
12:15:10 repost from 200512:15-1
Bobbi W posted his first review on June 16, 2005 and posted the exact same review five-and-a-half years later, on December 15, 2010. Maybe he just decided, on the same day so many other people felt compelled to praise Baybrook, that his review needed to be repeated.

And the strangeness continues. Look at this review posted by Marianne Q. on the January 4, 2011.


And look at what Nancy had to say about Baybrook, according the the boxed quote on their website.

Nancy and Mariane

What is the likelihood that 2 different women would write such similar reviews? I mean, I know we’re not talking about monkeys-at-typewriters-coming-up-with-Shakespeare kind of odds, but still, the similarity between Nancy’s words and Marianne Q.’s words is something.

And you know what else is weird? I posted a negative review about Baybrook in my own name . Here it is:

my merch cir

See my name at the bottom there? Kristen in Milford, CT. 10 days later, someone with my same name posted a positive review.


What are the odds that 2 Milford residents named Kristen would have such different experiences with the same company and feel compelled to write reviews about it on the same website within days of each other? Weird, huh?

And you know what else is weird? This:

12:16:10-2 12:16:10-3

What are the odds that two different Milford residents would choose the same avatar and post to the same website on the same day that “Kristen in Milford, CT” above was compelled to write her stellar review (and on the same day that so many other positive Baybrook reviews were written)? And what are the odds that both of these very happy customers would employ all caps and ellipses in their writing?

It all seems very suspect to me.

And you know what else seems strange? The twenty-six exclamation points in the December and January reviews above ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Something else is odd. Look at this:


This review references negative reviews. But when I looked at the site where these 20 positive reviews are posted, there were no negative reviews. What are the odds that the negative reviews would just spontaneously vanish? Maybe there’s some computer glitch that removes negative Baybrook reviews. It’s possible, right?


Why do I bring this up? Ken Carney is suing me for many things. One of them is for publicly expressing a suspicion that Baybrook might write its own reviews. So if they didn’t sue me for that, I would have had no cause to look any of this up.

So you know what else I think is odd? That Ken Carney is suing me for publicly questioning whether Baybrook writes its own reviews.

What are your thoughts?

4 responses on Baybrook’s reviews

  1. Wouldn’t addressing your concerns/making it right be easier than all the subterfuge over all the weeks?

    This company/these guys must have enormous egos and tiny penises.

    Keep up your fight!

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