And I was sure I would never set foot in Baybrook Remodelers again

My deposition is scheduled for February 17. The notice below was sent a little while ago. Note the location of the deposition.

Baybrook Remodelers depo p1It took a second read to see that the deposition will be at Baybrook Remodelers. Curious as to why the deposition was not being held in a lawyer’s office, I looked up the law office of Mr. Cooney, Ken Carney’s lawyer, and found this:

Bradley K Cooney 2Maybe Mr. Cooney hasn’t gotten around to changing his letterhead. Or maybe Yelp has it all wrong. And speaking of Yelp, check out the dates for the 5-star Yelp reviews of Baybrook Remodelers.

Baybrook Remodelers astroturfI never saw the censored California reviews Jessica L. writes about, but I would wager they referred to the fact that positive reviews for Baybrook Remodelers seem to all be posted on the same dates. It is pretty funny that the California posts are called out in one of 3 positive reviews all posted January 15th.

7 thoughts on “And I was sure I would never set foot in Baybrook Remodelers again

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  2. This is not legal advise, just suggestions:

    1. Get a video camera with you.

    2. While rolling, unpack equipment and point in right to their noses without asking (you DO have a right to make recornding). If they object, then say that THEY DO refuse depo, and have court hearing only for this controversy.

    3. Keep rolling until you exit. Keep filming in one stretch (32G SD card with low resolution B&W). No pauses! Important for future evidence.

    4. Always answer ONLY Yes or No. Never volunteer any info.

    5. Use looooooong preamble for each Y/N sentence, so you make transcript 964 pages long.

    “I thank Ken and his attorney for an opportunity to answer this question in in this room, which seems to be underheated for the very cold weather we are having lately. Can you crank the thermostat little bit up, please. No, No, little more please. So where were we? Oh, as to you question, which asked me to confirm my name, I say yes, my name is xxxxxx. Let me spell it for you: xxxxxx Did you get it? I spell again: xxxxxx Oh, thank you.”

    Remember, Ken has to fork money to court reporter upon receiving transcript (must be double spaced = double number of pages)! Then pay Bradley for copying that and providing to you before they can move on to the next suit stage. That ain’t cheap. Since he asked for it, then make most of it.

    6. Go into long details which are irrelevant and can’t be used against you. Like that smudge on left side of third plank on upper deck, which Ken’s undocumented Mexican helper left.

    7. Do NOT produce anything before depo. Bradley wants to trick you!

    8. Better: cancel depo, and sent him subpoena you for docs and at the same time you send him your own subpoena, including Ken’s docs relevant to PR stunts he is doing.

    9. At this point I think you should make some home work, spend $400, and file you own case against all involved under one docket. 10 claims (state and federal) with 20 defendants (from Kuchta and her boss, to Ken). At which point you will effectively shut state case. You really have solid constitutional claims against Kuchta and Ken.

    It is actually easier then state action, and federal courts are way more effective and way less corrupt.

    And Ken’s odometer will run way faster, by just having sending each single copy to each of his fellow 19 co-defendants.

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  4. Never saw depo taking place in party’s HQ. Venue is clearly designed to intimidate you. I would refuse. Have Bradley explain to court why it is necessary for depo’s sake.
    I love to see his excuses.

    Keep meter ringin’.

    • The last time I spoke with Ken Carney he claimed that he had his business rigged for audio and video capture. When I expressed the opinion that it might be illegal to record audio without someone’s knowledge, he came right back at me with the claim that he had signs posted all around Baybrook Remodelers, informing people that audio and video recordings of them were being made. I never mentioned it here because I am pretty sure he would lie about saying it, and a he said/she said isn’t very productive.

      I do know he had some strange woman take a picture of my then-7th-grade nephew when he was putting a sign on my mother’s house. I went to confront her and she scampered away pretty quickly. I actually decided I had misinterpreted the whole event–she was pointing a smart phone in his general direction–but the Carney brain trust put that picture into evidence, so no denying that happened.

      Anyway, as an avid coffee drinker, I need to have access to a bathroom that’s not wired, lol. I don’t need Todd Ramos, SEO genius, threatening to put that video up on Youtube if I refuse to meet his demands! And I may need to talk to my lawyer without having that conversation recorded. Running the meter is as damaging to me as it is to him, and I want this thing over with. But you’re right–if his lawyer doesn’t have a conference room, then he should rent one.

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