My building story

The post title is a little misleading. My building story is a looong story. This will be just a small slice of my story–the part where the City of Milford was most active. Attic access I was at the tail end of building my house when the inspector said he wanted a handrail on the […]


I recently read this post from the Baybrook Remodelers blog. I’d read the above statement in the Techdirt comments section, but didn’t actually see the post until a while later. I have launched a cyber attack, have I? Uh…huh…So, I launched a cyber attack…A cyber attack of false reviews, no less. Whatever that is. It’s […]

Settlement talks part 3

My mother does not recommend Baybrook Remodelers. When she posted signs, she had her own reasons that seem to me to be related mostly to competence, trust, and workmanship, and there is documentation to back that up. (I am not sure why anyone in America would need documentation to support their lack of recommendation of […]

Settlement talks part 2

My mother was flying in on Saturday, March 15. She had expected a deposition Monday and a trial starting Tuesday-ish. She was instead ordered to court for settlement talks. I was ordered back to court on Monday with her. I had rescheduled my observation for Monday and really didn’t want to cancel it for a […]


A little April Fools’ fun in the last post!