More thoughts on Ken Carney’s loss

Justice was served when a judge ruled that Ken Carney and Baybrook Remodelers’ lawsuit against a different defendant was total garbage. But justice isn’t cheap in Connecticut and I doubt most people could afford it. Before Ken Carney lost in summary judgement, a human being spent 4 years of his life and who knows how […]

Finally, justice

I mentioned in previous posts that I am but one of 4 people I know of whom Ken Carney has sued for defamation. Another case was remarkably similar to mine, and was started up about the time mine was too. Ken Carney and Baybrook Remodelers were suing that guy for a lot of the same […]

About those 16,000 customers

The deposition stage of this game was draining in a number of ways that I’ll get into in a later post. But it was not without its high points. When I went to small claims with Ken Carney and Baybrook Remodelers, Ken Carney testified under oath that Baybrook Remodelers has had 16,000 customers. It seemed […]

Maybe it’s you

I decided not to post between my deposition and trial, believing the time between the two events would be a couple or few weeks. Obviously that was not to be. There were some interesting things that came out of both, and of course I have my favorites. I think number one on the list is […]

I have been remiss

The lawsuit is moving forward, despite costly and repeated attempts at avoiding trial. More on that to come. Lots of school work is piling up here. Clearly some other teacher is putting his ungraded papers in with mine. I find it hard to believe I would let myself get so far behind. I will resume […]